Medical: Working holiday visa

Okay sooo there are two parts of the working holiday visa if you are going to be working as a nurse.

  1. The application
  2. Medical

This Australia malarkey better be worth the cost to get there. Seriously if I am paying to get eaten by a black widow spider I am going to be fuming!

As soon as I pressed submit on my visa application, I re logged into my immi account to see that as part of the visa process I had to apply for a medical. Much to my delight this was an additional cost to the visa of a whopping £380. Wait there it gets better… (i lie). There are only a select few places in the UK in which you can attend your medical that the Australian Government have approved. Thankfully for myself this was in Manchester, but for most the added cost of travel to a specific clinic will need to be taken into account.

List of clinics

I would recommend as soon as pressing submit on your visa application to look up your nearest clinic and book your medical. Availability books up pretty fast and I had to wait two weeks until the next nearest date. You will need your HAP number to hand when booking (which can be found on your immi account).

So today, 3rd August 2018 I finished my third night shift in a row at 7.30am (yawn) and because I work in Manchester I decided it would be a good idea to wait around near the clinic for my appt. at 10.30am instead of driving home. What a not so clever idea this was! For starters one is not very good with directions and I got super lost trying to find the clinic and somehow ended up driving down Manchester’s finest ‘curry mile’. At this point I was so hungry post night shift and decided to google map a Mcdonalds… woohoo there was one 5 minutes away. So there I was driving along happy that I was about to get some Mcdonalds hash browns when the sign for refurbishment appeared. That feeling literally broke my heart. Anyways I digress!

After driving around for 2 and a half hours I arrive at the clinic. The first part of the medical involved having my photo taken for my application (man I looked dog rough). I then had to provide them with a urine sample. Not going to lie but I was post night shift and even I would be concerned if my patient produced a urine sample that concentrated hahaha LOL. After this they took a copy of my passport and my fee of £380 for the medical. I was then greeted by a doctor who got me doing all weird and wonderful things for a full health check. This involved an eye sight test, weight and height, BP, listening to my heart, chest and abdomen, checking my joints, looking in my eyes and ears, checking my back mobility. To do this I did have to strip down to my bra and knickers, which was kind of embarrassing when he asked to see my legs to check my joints as there was a slight possibility I had not shaved my legs (give a girl a break, I had just done 3 nights and shaving is not on my list of priorities)! I also had my bloods taken to check for Hep B and HIV. The last part of the medical involved having a chest x-ray, then I was free to go home and sleep. Wooo!

Soo to summarise:

  1. Do not book your medical post night shift
  2. Drink lots of fluids so your urine sample doesn’t look like mine
  3. Research the nearest Mcdonalds that is open before you leave
  4. Shave
  5. Wear nice underwear (i clearly looked super sexy in my sports bra)
  6. Most importantly leave early to make sure you have enough time to find the clinic

J x

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