It is currently 8.20pm on 3rd August 2018.

This morning I attended my medical at 10.30am and I have just received my confirmation email from my immi account to state that my visa has been granted.


I cannot even explain how I am feeling right now. Kinda a mixture of excitement, buzzing but also nervous at the thought of my journey to Australia is actually happening. I didn’t intend to write a blog post about this moment, but you know what I am currently post 3 night shifts, hanging out of my arse (I am not even drunk, just that post night shift feeling). I now want to go out and get drunk and celebrate but instead I am sat in my avocado pyjamas writing this blog to express my excitement.

F*ck yeahhhhhh!

For anyone reading this, go follow your dreams. No dream is too big. Yes there will be challenges along the way but they will make you who you are today.

Anyways enough of this deep smush.

This gal is going to AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!

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