Application to nurse in Australia So the dreaded word when preparing for your journey to nurse in Australia is... AHPRA! Please do not fear as I am going to try and breakdown the application form to make it as easy as possible to complete. As trust me the stress and tears I have spent trying... Continue Reading →



It is currently 8.20pm on 3rd August 2018. This morning I attended my medical at 10.30am and I have just received my confirmation email from my immi account to state that my visa has been granted. ABUHSJFDHFDFHIOSNFHSIDFHIDSHFIDSH I cannot even explain how I am feeling right now. Kinda a mixture of excitement, buzzing but also... Continue Reading →

Medical: Working holiday visa

Okay sooo there are two parts of the working holiday visa if you are going to be working as a nurse. The applicationMedical This Australia malarkey better be worth the cost to get there. Seriously if I am paying to get eaten by a black widow spider I am going to be fuming! As soon... Continue Reading →

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